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The COVID-19 crisis, bringing business as usual to a screeching halt within a few weeks, has exposed and dramatically amplified another crisis that’s been slowly creeping up on the corporate world: A crisis of meaning. 


Now more than ever, employees, clients, and customers alike are looking to leaders for answers and inspiration, to guide them through this time of adversity. 


A clearly articulated and shared sense of Purpose helps propel businesses forward, whatever the weather. Research findings show that plugging into a higher Purpose strongly correlates with higher financial performance, as well as greater employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. Or as Daniel Coyle, author of the best-selling book “Culture Code” put it: “The soft stuff gets you the hard stuff.”

At PEPPER Consulting, we spell Purpose with a capital P. Our Purpose is to consult, coach, and inspire executives to grow their business on…wait for it…Purpose. 


And it all starts with one simple question: 

Why are you in business?  


purpose (pûr′pəs) noun | The meaning of a firm’s work beyond quantitative measures of financial performance. [Middle English purpos, from Anglo-Norman, from purposer, to intend] 

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