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The Playbook

So much of what we consider to be common business sense is not common practice. Like knowing why your company exists, building meaningful customer relationships, or simply valuing well-being as much as well-doing.    


At PEPPER Consulting, we have a passion to inspire and coach executives in creating a purpose-driven culture, and activating that Purpose in their entrepreneurial world.  

Our collaborative approach has been proven to work in many companies across a range of industries.


From 1:1 coaching, speaking gigs, seminars and workshops with entire teams, to brand strategy development and full-fledged activation programs: We work with individuals and groups to realize their full leadership potential — on Purpose.     





We’re all about collaboration. And we’re passionately curious. Curious to learn where your brand came from and how it got here; how your brand can make a (more) meaningful difference in people’s lives, and what your brand’s proprietary gift is. Because that’s how we, together with you and your team, discover and unlock your brand’s Purpose. It is this spirit that runs through everything

we do.


Exemplary services include:


  • Workshop with top management, for a deep dive into your company, your offering, your beliefs and strategy

  • Outside-in analysis of strengths and weaknesses to unearth insights about the brand, customers and their needs

We’re convinced that effective brand management is predicated on a well-articulated, shared sense of Purpose. 

Or as a Chinese philosopher once put it: “Watch your thoughts, they become your actions”. That still rings true today. The words we choose, and how well we  formulate and codify what we learn in

the exploration phase impacts everything that follows.


Typical services we offer:


  • Brand Strategy: Purpose formulation, definition of your vision, mission, as well as the brand’s core values and identity

  • Develop objectives, deep action plans, and a set of metrics to effectively implement the strategy

We consider ourselves facilitators of clarity, enabling Purpose to plot its own path, from the inside out. Starting with the most powerful brand-building force you have, your employees, we then look outward to external stakeholders, developing bespoke plans and programs to bring the brand to life, purposefully.   


How we can help:


  • Customized marketing programs to activate your employees, customers and other brand stakeholders 

  • Coaching: Seminars and workshops to guide you and your team in the  implementation of the brand strategy and your Purpose  

  • Brand licensing and collaborations to accelerate brand growth 


Roman_Stepek 2_edited_edited_edited.png



Roman Stepek

Vice President, Sportswear 

HEAD Sports GmbH, Austria




Esra Ilgin

Business Partner, Global Insights

LEGO Group, UK

I hired PEPPER Consulting to help us assess a major time-critical in-licensing opportunity for our sportswear division. And they perfectly delivered: From in-depth intel on the potential licensor and insights into the market, to delineating a clear approach for engaging with the licensor's management. Expert advice that really packs a punch. 

Terry coached me through an intense professional reorientation. With his personable, thought-provoking and results-driven style, he's all about bringing out the best in people. He guided me out of my comfort zone, challenged me to dig deeper, and held the torch to help me discover my true, authentic purpose as a leader. 

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